Eurovision: What is next for Emilie de Forest?

The newly chosen winner of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Emilie de Forest, is on the road. She talked to In – Sight Out about her struggle to accomplish this big step in her carreer, as well as her plans for the future.

By Carolina Krause and Verónica Sánchez


“It was very unreal and just amazing”, Emile said about winning the Eurovision. Photo: Carolina Krause

Two weeks after winning the Eurovision song contest, Emilie de Forest has a busy schedule. Currently, she is on a tour in her home country, Denmark. Then, she will have concerts in other European countries such as Sweden, Germany and Holland. A new single is also on her agenda.

As a big surprise, she showed at the pop music festival “Live” in Aarhus, yesterday (30th May). The concert gathered famous Danish artists and was promoted by the radio station go!FM. Her famous song ¨Only Teardrops” was on the lips of the crowd, cheering and singing along with her.

“I want to see how far it’s possible to go. I didn’t expect to win the song contest. So, it will be fun to go even further, go out in Europe and maybe other places in the world and sing my songs”, she said in an interview with In-Sight Out before going on stage.

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Emilie shared that it was not easy to find her place in the musical scene. Every day after school, she used to call companies and musicians and ask if she could sing for them. “It really takes hard work. You also need to have passion for what you are seeking, believe in yourself and in your dreams. And it also helps to be outgoing and to talk to all sorts of people”.

As an inspiration, she looks up to the British singer Kate Bush.  “I think, she is a really good singer and I like her way of performing the lyrics”. Besides singing, the 20-year-old artist also enjoys reading, writing, painting and watching movies. “But what I love the most is music”.

The man behind the flute

Jacob Thompson is also a member of the group Copenhagen Drummers. Photo: Internet

Jacob Thompson is also a member of the group Copenhagen Drummers. Photo: Internet

During the Eurovision contest Emilie was on the stage with two other musicians. One of them was the flutist who was shown on television every time in the beginning of the “Only Teardrops”-performance with Emilie dancing around him. His name is Jacob Thomson, a 24-year-old artist whose biggest project is actually playing with The Copenhagen Drummers.

After Emilie’s triumph in Eurovision, Jacob has been touring with her. “Since the beginning there was a good connection between us“, he commented. However, Jacob had quite a success with his own group even before: The Copenhagen Drummers won the casting show ‘Denmark Got Talent 2010’. But unlike many other casting show groups, the Copenhagen Drummers had been working together even before for four and a half years.

Inspired by the percussion group Stomp and Japanese percussion bands, their show consists of a combination of traditional drums and other elements such as trash cans with fire sticks. “We are using as many things we see and connect them in our own way“, says Jacob about their music.

The Copenhaguen Drummers, comprised of four members, performed before Emilie’s at the music festival in Aarhus.


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