Regatta attracts all ages and nationalities

Kapsejladsen´s public is mostly comprise of students. However, they are not the only ones that come to watch this event and get the most fun out of it.

By Carolina Krause

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The public that came to enjoy the Kapsejladsen on this Thursday is not all comprised of students.  Uffe Norum is a Danish nurse and teacher. He has been comming to the event for the last 15 years, since he was studying his bachelors at Aarhus University.

“It´s a tradition in this city to come here. This event has just grown bigger and bigger every year, it´s a unique experience”,  he says.

Even though he is not a student anymore, his plans are not very different from the ones he had when he joined the event for the first time.

“I want to enjoy the weather, be entertained and meet a lot of people I know”, he adds.

Kenny Hansen also came to the Kapsejladsen for similar reasons. He is a former student of the Aarhus University School of Engineering and has already been to the event three times.

“My plans for today are to get drunk and have fun with my friends”, he says. For this Dane the party will not stop after the boat race is over. Hansen and his friends are planning a barbecue for the evening.

Internationals working in Aarhus also make part of the Kapsejladsen´s crowd.

The Argentinean Victoria Di Cocco has been living in the city to accompany her Dane boyfriend. In the meantime she has been working in a factory and a café.”it is said to be was one of the biggest event held in town”, she said.  Besides watching the race, she expects to finish the beers she brought from home and have funs with friends until the day is over.


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