Kapsejladsen kick off: Batman versus Mulan

Medicine and Political Science teams opened up the race with thousands of visitors singing the Disney hit under the sun.

By Maximiliane Koschyk

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Kapsejladsen – the battle for the golden basin- has started and oh boy, we didn’t know who to cheer for. Seriously, when the first heat started, it took a while for non-danes to figure out which team is which and we temporarily cheered for the wrong one. With one brave Danish girl translating, this is what happened according to our sources:

In tradition to the last years the Kapsejladsen kicked off with a round of naked people running around the park and jumping in the lake. Somehow one of them excelled all the others in this particular task, earning himself a ticket to this year’s Roskilde festival.

Being naked is the danish thing to do, when temperatures rise above ten degrees and the sky stays sunny for 30 minutes straight: All over the place you can see people striking and skinny dipping. Another oddity: one would think that a beer loaded event like this, where people start drinking at 7 am, the most favoured food is something greasy and comfort foodish. Not so with the danes – the favourite drinking snack today clearly is: the healthy, easy apple. Apple cores are everywhere and also a free gift by one of the comedian hosts.

Then the first heat started with the introduction of the teams: Medicine seems to have only one goal this year (or maybe every year): Win the Kapsejladsen or be Batman. Always be Batman. We agreed – until the political science team kicked off a glorious Mulan routine, making us all want to sign up for kung fu lessons and have them win. There also was some Dexter and obviously some Vikings – economy and chemistry. When the first race medicine got to a quick lead – again, we mistook them political science, who had stolen our hearts and cheered wrongly. Medicine nevertheless won the first heat and political science followed on second.


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