Aarhus gets ready for the Kapsejladsen

Despite the rain and weather conditions, Danes are camping in the University Parken waiting for the Kapsejladsen. 

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By Karina Sventitskayte and Péricles Carvalho 

“It’s not cold for us, we are Vikings. This is the Danish summer right now”, said a Danish student from the Medicine Department who is planning to sleep at the campus for the Kapsejladsen (if you don’t know what it is, check out our post about one of the biggest student’s event in Aarhus University). At 9:30 in the University Parken there were many cans around, a signal that they already started to drink.

It is a rainy night in Aarhus and the temperature is around 8°C -,  but it seems not as an intimidation for the Danish students. The organization of the event is expecting between 10,000 and 25,000 people tomorrow when the boats are going to be around and the spectators will be drinking cheering the spring season which already started.

With two tents, a Finnish flag (Finland limiting their territories for tomorrow’s party) and a football table those young students promised that it is going to be a funny night with drinks, games and stories. But in fact, the main purpose for being there so early is to secure a good place to watch the regatta tomorrow. The main event starts at 1pm with the participation of the mayor of Aarhus, Jacob Bundsgaard.

Before the regatta, it is expected music and an unusual naked run in the border of the lake. As it can be seen, Aarhus is prepared to Kapsejladsen and the streets in the city center are completely empty. According to a bartender, everybody is resting tonight for the big day. For those planning to go to the campus tomorrow, Danish students advice to arrive as early as possible in order to get a good place to watch the regatta.

Check out the schedule for tomorrow:

13.00: Intro and opening speech by Mayor of Aarhus, Jacob Bundsgaard

13.10: Welcome  by the organizers and rector, Lauritz B. Holm-Nielsen

13.25: Introduction by the M.C. Monte Carlo (hosts of the national afternoon radio show Monte Carlo on P3)

13.40: National anthem by Kathrine Mac Dalsgaard

13.45: Intros for the 1st heat begins

14.15: The M.C.s introduces the judges (JUS og SIFFOS) + the judges intro

14.30: 1st heat

14.45: Break

15.00: Intros for the 2nd heat begins

15.30: 2nd heat

15.45: Break

15.55: Intros for the 3rd heat begins

16.20: 3rd heat

16.30: LIVE-ACT on the lake

16.40: Selection of lanes for the final – (the person who empties a beer the fastest get to choose)

16.45: Final

17.00: Election of the winners with presentation of the Golden Bedpan


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