Top 3 second hand book stores in Aarhus

Aarhus has a variety of second hand bookshops where you can find titles not only in Danish, communist newspapers and debates in literature and politics. 

By Lingwei Shao

As a book lover, the first thing you might ask after moving into a new city might be “where can I buy books?” In Aarhus, there are some nice bookstores near the University or in the City Center. But, do you know where you can get English books and second hand books? No worries, here are some tips.


The staff of Løve´s bookstore is composed of Aarhus University students. Photo: Lingwei Shao

Løve café is one of the most welcomed cafes in Aarhus. This Løve´s bookstore is affiliated to that cozy café. Located around the International Center of Aarhus University, students always come to look for used books. The staff of this bookstore is composed by students from the university. Five students shift from Monday to Friday. “It is just a voluntary job. We just do this for fun”, said one of them. Besides Danish books, there are also English, German and French books.

Besides Danish books, there are also English, German and French books at Løve´s bookstore. Photo: Lingwei Shao

If Løve’s is loved by students, Spartakus might be grandma’s favorite. It is the oldest communist bookstore in Jutland. It was founded on the 1st of May 1975 by communist students. The purpose of the store is to give people access to socialist music, books and art in general. Readers can get communist newspapers as well. Nowadays the political orientation of the bookstore might not be that visible. But you still can see the big Lenin´s portrait on the door. The bookstore arranges free discussions every friday. People come and talk. You can never imagine what people talk about. “Last week, a lady came and talk about Cuba for about one hour. She lived there for a long time”, said one of the members of the staff, “we welcome everybody.” Another attracting thing in the bookstore is the CDs. It offers a wide selection of music ranging from political music to classical. There is a shelf of used English books for foreign people. But most of the books are classical novels such as Jane Eyre.

There is a shelf of used english books for foreign people in Spartakus. Photo: Lingwei Shao

As the name indicates, English Bookstore is the only english bookstore in Aarhus. Located on the Frederiks Alle, it is easy to find with the big signs on the wall. But don’t be frightened after opening the door. You might be buried in the second hand books and stuffs. It does not sell books only, there are also many other staff like bags, clothes, kitchen equipment. So the best thing you do is to be well prepared before you set up your mind to go. You can find the catalog of the books on the website or just call the bookstore to ask whether there are any books you want to buy. Otherwise you will end up staying in the bookstore for the whole day to find your stuff. The bookstore also arranges nice brunches and lunches frequently.

Keep in mind:

Løve’s antikvariat og pladesalon

Høegh-Guldbergs Gade 71 . 8000 Århus C .

Tlf.: 27 83 16 34 .

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 10-17

Spartakus BogCafé

Studsgade 12, 8000 Århus C

Opening hours: Weekdays 11-17.30, Saturday 11-14

Telefon nr.: 86 13 41 71

English bookstore

Frederiks Alle 53, Aarhus, DK.

Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday 14:30-17:30

 Saturday 10:30-13:00

Telefon nr.: 5290235


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