Aarhus’ gems

Aarhus is plenty of scenical places. In – sight out reporters went out with their cameras to capture their favourite spots in the city.

Photo: Péricles Carvalho

Photo: Péricles Carvalho

The University Campus
“Aarhus University campus is considered one of the most beautiful in the world by the website Travel and Leisure, and I can really understand why: the grass, the lake and the bucolic environment surrounded by classic buildings and an amazing library. Since I came to study here last fall, I became fascinated by the landscape – perfect for relaxing and chatting in a sunny day”, Péricles Carvalho, from Brazil.

Photo: Lingwei Shao

Photo: Lingwei Shao

Gennemgang til Thunøgade street

“It would be a little bit weird that my favorite street in Aarhus is actually a tunnel. There is a tunnel in Xiamen University in a very beautiful coastal city, China. It is a tradition that before the students graduate from the university, they go to the tunnel and do graffiti. So the first time I saw this graffiti tunnel near Aarhus University, I felt so familiar”, Lingwei Shao, from China.


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